Attorneys Are Accountable For Their Actions

At Konicek & Dillon, P.C., we know how legal malpractice cases work. We are nationally recognized leaders in legal malpractice litigation and have taken over one hundred such cases to trial. With offices in Geneva and Chicago, we handle legal malpractice cases throughout the nation.

We represent people who have suffered damages as a result of mistakes by their attorneys. We bring unique experience and perspectives to our cases because we also defend against legal malpractice claims in Illinois, so we know how the other side thinks. We know how cases are won by Plaintiffs — the injured client — because we have successfully defended so many legal malpractice claims against law firms big and small.

Over the years, our firm has conducted more legal malpractice trials than any other firm in Illinois. Within just the past 10 years, the firm's name has appeared on over 50 decisions from Illinois appellate courts, including multiple cases in the Illinois Supreme Court. In short, we have helped develop and shape the law of legal malpractice in Illinois. For that reason, when it comes to legal malpractice cases, you will want to speak with us.

Yes, We Can Handle Significant Legal Malpractice Cases In Other States

Our experience handling legal malpractice cases does not stop at the Mississippi River or any other Illinois border. In fact, Konicek & Dillon, P.C., has handled or overseen legal malpractice cases in over a dozen states, including trials and appeals in multiple states.

If one of our attorneys is not licensed in the state where your case would need to be filed, we will associate with a law firm that is licensed to practice in that state. We will seek admission to practice in that state, specifically for your case, a process known as pro hac vice admission. We have successfully obtained pro hac vice admission in over 20 state courts and nearly as many federal courts.

What Does A Legal Malpractice Case Look Like?

Legal malpractice is more complex than it might appear on the surface. Just because your lawyer made an error does not necessarily mean that he or she is guilty of malpractice.

It takes an attorney with experience and understanding of the law to determine if you have a case. We offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case and answer your questions.

Understanding legal malpractice means understanding the unique aspects of attorney malpractice claims. Learn more about legal malpractice:

  • Measurable damage: Legal malpractice occurs only when an attorney makes a mistake that causes actual damage to a person (usually but not always the lawyer's client) in a measurable way.
  • Conflict of interest: An attorney must immediately disclose to the client any potential, perceived or real conflicts of interest or withdraw from or decline representation. If your attorney did not disclose a conflict of interest, you may have a legal malpractice or breach of fiduciary duty claim based on the conflict of interest.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: A law firm's fiduciary duty to a client extends beyond fees, costs and billing statements. Attorneys are also responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of advice they provide.
  • Missed statute of limitations: Your lawyer is responsible for knowing the statute of limitations and filing deadlines necessary to move your case forward. Unfortunately, attorneys sometimes miss important filing deadlines, causing cases to be dismissed.
  • Failure to properly advise: Lawyers have a responsibility to advise clients of the risks and benefits associated with a client's decision. If your lawyer does not properly advise you and you suffer damages as a result, you may have a case of legal malpractice against your attorney.

Blended Contingency and Hourly Fees: Our Personalized Approach

We handle many legal malpractice cases on a blended hourly and contingency fee basis. For these cases, we charge a reduced hourly rate, which is capped at a certain amount, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. From that point on, we handle the case on a contingency basis, charging no further fee unless we prevail.

We structure our engagements this way because our firm as a whole commits itself to personalized legal representation. We find that this approach is most successful at vesting both the client and the firm in the outcome of the case. As with all our cases, we believe that the foundation to a successful engagement is a successful attorney-client relationship.

That means you will also be able to rely on us to provide you with advice that is tailored to your specific circumstances. With our extensive experience in developing and shaping the legal malpractice landscape, we know what matters and what doesn't in a legal malpractice case.

Types of Legal Malpractice Cases We Handle For Plaintiffs

● Breach of fiduciary duty

● Conflict of interest: Lawyer or law firm represented adverse sides or failed to decline or withdraw due to another conflict

● Failure to properly advise on estate planning matters

● Failure to properly advise corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships

● Failure to properly handle litigation, including failures to properly and timely assert all available claims or defenses

● And many others

Konicek & Dillon, P.C., typically does not represent Plaintiffs in legal malpractice cases involving divorce, child support, visitation, or other domestic relations or family law matters. Legal Malpractice cases of this type are involved, time-consuming, and complex, which in most cases prevents us from accepting the matter on a blended fee basis. Where the damages involved are sufficient to permit us to handle the matter on a blended fee basis, we can consider the case.

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