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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

New report highlights abuse and neglect in Illinois group homes

Our state's most vulnerable citizens need to be protected. For many Illinois families, placing their beloved elderly and disabled family members in nursing homes and group homes is their best option. These institutions, which are regulated by the state, carry the burden of having to provide safe and adequate care to their residents. Unfortunately, though, a new report has found that many of these homes, and the state, have been covering up disturbing instances of abuse and neglect.

Chicago-area firm holding negligent nursing homes accountable

Some individuals who have been placed in a nursing home may find it tough enough to get by. Their day-to-day lives may drastically change upon moving in, and contact with their family members may be reduced. While these changes can certainly be disheartening, they are not the only difficulties nursing home residents may face. Far too often, unsuspecting and helpless residents are neglected and abused by nursing homes and their employees. Those who suffer injuries as a result may have exceptional physical, emotional and financial pain and suffering with which to contend.

Showing regulation violations may help nursing home neglect claim

Many Illinois residents are surprised to hear that the institution where their elderly loved ones reside, or perhaps their own family member, is the subject of a nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse investigation. While regulators may interview nursing home staff and residents and work to gather evidence to see if regulations have been violated, their focus is on ensuring the safety of residents moving forward. Any sanctions imposed on a nursing home by the state will do nothing to compensate a nursing home neglect victim for his or her injuries.

Inadequate staffing can lead to nursing home neglect

Utilizing the services provided by a nursing home seem straightforward. An elderly loved one is registered to reside there, and he or she is given the nutrition, supervision and medical care needed to keep him or her healthy and safe. Yet, behind the scenes, there are many regulations in effect in order to ensure these nursing homes are safe. These regulations address a number of issues, including employee training requirements and safe food preparation.

What are medication errors and how do I prevent them?

If you or your elderly loved one are in a nursing home, then you may struggle with the idea of full-time care being provided by a complete stranger. Fortunately, administrative rules and laws regulate how these health care professionals act in an attempt to ensure nursing home resident safety. But, as this blog has discussed in the past, these measures are not failsafe. Far too many Illinois residents are subjected to nursing home neglect, and they suffer as a result.

Lawsuit claims nursing home neglect caused death

When Chicago-area residents place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home, they rightfully expect them to be adequately cared for. This means receiving proper nutrition, supervision, and medication management. Although nursing home professionals should be educated and trained on how to adequately carry out their duties, sometimes they are not. And even those who are trained and educated can be negligent in their duties, which can cause serious harm to elderly patients.

How can Illinois residents be informed of nursing home neglect?

The nursing home industry is sprawling and profitable, and for good reason. These institutions provide a service without which many Illinois residents would have a difficult time caring for their elderly loved ones while maintaining their employment and income. Though many of our state's nursing home facilities live up to their duties and provide proper care to their residents, others fail to do so. With about 1,200 nursing homes across the state, choosing the right one for an elderly loved one is imperative.

Nursing home abuse more common than many think

A significant number of Illinois residents live in long-term care facilities, often referred to as nursing homes. Across America, an estimated 3.2 million individuals live in these facilities, where they and their loved ones expect to receive the care and supervision they deserve. Most of the nearly 17,000 nursing homes across the country are well-equipped to live up to this duty, but there are some that commit nursing home negligence and nursing home abuse.

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