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How does dram shop liability play out in DUI accidents?

Illinois residents are very familiar with the impacts of drunk driving. While thousands of people die as a result of drunk driving, the efforts of the government and the state in reducing DUI-related crashes are also expanding. In fact, following a drunk driving crash, drunk drivers are not necessarily the only ones liable for the damages. There are cases in which bars and the people who serve drunk drivers alcohol are subject to civil liability as well. This is due to the dram shop law.

We represent Illinois drunk driving accident victims

Alcohol-related driving accidents are preventable because any driver who consumed few drinks has the choice not to get behind the wheel and operate that vehicle. Chicago, Illinois, has had its fair share of drunk driving accidents. Some of these accidents are single-vehicle crashes while others involved multiple vehicles. If clear evidence of negligence can be presented and those involved sustained injuries, compensation for damages from the drunk driver who caused the collision can be sought.

Who is considered a hardcore drunk driver?

Drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States. Many drivers continue to operate their vehicles after they have consumed alcohol. Consuming even one glass of wine before driving can affect the driver's alertness, making that driver susceptible to irrational decisions on the road. Consuming more alcohol can make the driver much more susceptible to driving errors. Those drivers who drive with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.15 percent or above are known as hardcore drunk drivers, and they pose a serious threat to other people's safety.

How can you protect yourself from drunk drivers on the road?

Although adults can legally drink alcohol in the United States, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is strictly prohibited everywhere. Even so, Illinois, just like every other state, is seeing many cases of drunk driving every day. Frequently, that means accidents with property damage and injuries, or even fatalities. Every motorist has a choice: act responsibly and ensure that roads are safe for everyone or drive while intoxicated and risk accidents and other people's lives.

Latest data on alcohol-related accidents

Anyone of legal age can consume alcohol. Drivers, on the other hand, understand that drinking and driving is not legal. Drunk drivers can make poor decisions while on the road, such as running a stop sign, driving too slow or too fast and other erratic, dangerous behaviors that can lead to motor vehicle accidents. In the United States, on average, 30 people die daily in drunk driving accidents or the equivalent of one fatality in every 48 minutes. This is a serious problem with alcohol-related accidents costing more than $51 billion every year.

If you were hit by a drunken driver, you may receive damages

Auto accidents happen every day in Illinois. Unfortunately, too many result from an especially bad type of driver negligence -- drunken driving. Drunk driving accidents often injure and kill, but they are considered largely preventable because drivers can choose between the correct and responsible choice of not driving after drinking, and the incorrect and irresponsible choice of driving after they have consumed alcohol. You may be interested to know more about how to obtain compensation in the aftermath of a drunken-driving accident.

Drunk driving accident on interstate turns fatal

Drinking an alcoholic beverage and getting behind the wheel is always a recipe for disaster. However, drivers continue to practice this dangerous behavior and can be held criminally responsible if they cause an accident and injure other people while operating a vehicle. A female driver who recently caused a fatal drunk driving accident is facing the consequences of negligent actions.

Alleged drunken driver causes crash on Interstate 355 northbound

Drunken driving is a common problem on Illinois' highways. No one who has been drinking should ever get behind the wheel, otherwise they risk causing an alcohol-related accident that endangers the lives of other motorists as well as their own.

Drunk driver injures 2 after slamming into rear of another car

We've been driving cars in this country for more than 100 years, and during that time we've made some truly amazing strides in the automotive industry. We went from crankshaft vehicles to self driving cars; from no airbags to airbags everywhere; and from blind spots galore to rearview cameras. Relatively speaking, it really didn't take that long for us to go from our first automobile to futuristic super cars.

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