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We represent Illinois drunk driving accident victims

Alcohol-related driving accidents are preventable because any driver who consumed few drinks has the choice not to get behind the wheel and operate that vehicle. Chicago, Illinois, has had its fair share of drunk driving accidents. Some of these accidents are single-vehicle crashes while others involved multiple vehicles. If clear evidence of negligence can be presented and those involved sustained injuries, compensation for damages from the drunk driver who caused the collision can be sought.

Fatal 2013 drunken-driving accident remains under investigation

Automobile accidents are bound to happen, but the great majority of them are preventable. This is especially true in drunken-driving accidents. Every year across the country, including in Illinois, thousands of people die because at least one driver was drunk or otherwise under the influence of a substance that impaired judgment and driving ability. Usually, drivers accused of drunken driving face criminal charges and can be held liable for damages in civil court.

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