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Is there any regulation in place to minimize trucker fatigue?

Many people work in an office setting, but there are those who spend their work days operating an 18-wheeler to transport goods. It is fairly common to see semi-trucks in Illinois. In fact, most Illinois residents likely encounter semi-trucks on the roadways on a daily basis. For truckers, driving long hours to get to their destination without a break or sleep is an economic incentive. But, driving a vehicle can get tiring, particularly if such driving is for several hours at a time, and doing so can result in truckers experiencing fatigue which can put not only them but other motorists on the roadways at risk of an accident.

Another tragic reminder of the dangers of truck driver fatigue

Considering the nature and demand of their work in the business and commercial industries, truckers put in a lot of hours each week. And while every driver in Kane County, Illinois, probably understands that driving without adequate sleep can affect their attentiveness and decision-making while driving, this fact also applies to truckers. Unfortunately, however, when truck drivers are fatigued their risk of causing a truck accident may be greater.

Driver pleads not guilty to January I-88 fatal truck accident

Driving a truck requires both considerable skill and complete attention to the road and other motorists wherever drivers find themselves, including Illinois. Failing to meet these responsibilities is considered negligence and often leads to truck accidents.

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