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Legal Malpractice – Holding Attorneys Accountable

We are a trusted, nationally-recognized leader in legal malpractice litigation, representing both legal malpractice plaintiffs and defending wrongfully accused attorneys. We’ve tried hundreds of legal malpractice cases to successful verdicts and have obtained favorable results and settlements for thousands more. Our experience litigating legal malpractice claims is unmatched.


Attorneys must abide by certain ethical and professional standards, and if they fail to adhere to these standards and the client suffers an injury as a result, the attorney may be liable for legal malpractice. Legal malpractice may occur in any number of different situations, including:

  • Engaging in a conflict of interest
  • Breaching his/her fiduciary duty
  • Failing to properly advise his/her client
  • Failing to act as a reasonably careful attorney would in the same or similar circumstances


Litigating a legal malpractice case is complex. It requires an understanding and an ability to litigate the claim against the attorney while also litigating the “case within a case.” Our attorneys have the breadth and depth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide the most effective and efficient representation to litigants.