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Have You Been Damaged By A Missed Deadline?

When you hire an attorney, you have a right to expect your legal matter to be handled competently. Lawyers are bound by standards of professional responsibility to file claims, motions and other paperwork in your case within the time limits set forth by the law or the judge presiding over your case.

Different types of claims have different deadlines. For example, a personal injury claim deadline might be two years, while a claim of employment discrimination or mistreatment might have a deadline of only 180 days. Every state sets its own deadlines for filing state law claims (like personal injury and breach of contract claims). Even the federal government has its own deadlines for federal claims. Adding more layers to the complexities of determining deadlines, some states have shorter deadlines if the defendant to be sued is an agent or arm of the government. Some states have short notice requirements, where the injured person has to give notice of the intention to sue the government agent (such as a doctor, hospital or railroad) before filing suit. In some states, these deadlines expire after only a few months have passed. Finally, parties to contracts, such as investment agreements and insurance agreements, can agree to shorter deadlines for filing or making claims or demands.

Missing a deadline for filing is usually fatal to a case. If your attorney or law firm failed to meet a critical filing deadline, who may have a case against the lawyers for legal malpractice.

Unfortunately, attorneys sometimes miss important filing deadlines because they assume that the deadline is the same as the deadline they are accustomed to working with. Sometimes they misread documents that identify when the event that starts the time deadline occurred. Either way, missing the deadline usually causes cases to be dismissed because the statute of limitations has expired. At the law offices of Konicek & Dillon, P.C., we can help you recover the compensation you would have received but for your lawyer’s mistake or negligence in filing your lawsuit or claim.

Contact the legal malpractice statute of limitations attorneys’ offices of Konicek & Dillon, P.C., for a consultation about your legal malpractice claim. We’ll explain how the law works and your legal options for recovery.

Has your attorney failed to properly represent you for any of the following reasons?

  • Being unaware of the statute of limitations for your claim
  • Filing in the wrong place
  • Failing to name a necessary defendant
  • Failing to timely raise a defense to a claim
  • Incomplete paperwork

If so, then you should consider speaking with us about your rights.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

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