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What Dangers Do Teens Face?

While a teenage driver is not necessarily more blameworthy because of his or her age, the new driver’s inexperience makes a crash more likely. A detailed investigation after a teen driver car accident may uncover specific circumstances common to many young drivers, such as the following:

  • Texting while driving is often identified as a cause of a car accident. Many of today’s teenagers have grown up texting as a primary method of communicating with friends and others and they do it while driving.
  • GPS devices are commonly used by young drivers (and many older drivers, too) as a directional aid. Entering addresses and looking at screens with maps displayed can easily take a driver’s attention from the road ahead.
  • Distracted driving caused by conversations with passengers or active, noisy passengers is a risk factor that affects many teen drivers. When a teenage driver has violated a law limiting the number of passengers in a car, this may provide evidence that inattentive driving was likely a factor.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is certainly not restricted to teen drivers. However, a social host who provided alcohol to a minor who then drove a car and caused a crash may share responsibility. An investigation into all the causes of the crash that injured you or killed your loved one may uncover other liable parties besides the teen driver.
  • Influence by responsible adults who asked or urged teen drivers to violate laws may be a factor in teen driver crashes. For example, the parent of a friend who asks a teenage driver to transport more passengers than allowed may be liable when a crash occurs.

After A Car Accident Involving A Teenage Driver, Contact A Geneva Or Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Some younger drivers have substandard or low-limit insurance coverage. If you are injured in a crash with a driver who has little insurance or substandard coverage, your underinsured motorist coverage is critical. Important deadlines for notifying your insurance company of your claim and the intention to demand arbitration can be shorter than the deadlines for filing lawsuits. It is very important, therefore, that you hire attorneys immediately to advise you regarding your rights and obligations.

Whether you are the parent of a teenage driver who was involved in an accident or an accident victim in a crash where the other driver was a minor, we can advocate on your behalf to reach the most favorable outcome for you. To discuss your case with our Chicago personal injury lawyers, call 630-313-2071 or fill out the contact form on this website. We will meet you wherever it is convenient for you.