The Most Important Decision You Make Is Hiring The Right Attorney To Represent You
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What Should You Do If You Are Hurt?

After you or a family member has been injured in a car accident or any type of accident, you need to know that insurance companies will make every effort to avoid paying compensation or to pay as little as possible. Even if you are looking to your own insurance company for relief, it is important to realize that the insurer is not on your side. Rather, the insurance company is loyal to its shareholders. An experienced, accomplished personal injury attorney on your side can help even the playing field. A lawsuit may be necessary to enable you to collect financial resources you should be eligible for after an accidental injury.

Step One in The Lawsuit Process: Select an Attorney

If you are not represented by an attorney, it is practically guaranteed that any benefits or compensation an insurance company offers you will be less than they would offer if you have strong legal representation. Choosing your attorney well is an important first step in the process of a successful lawsuit.

At Konicek & Dillon, we do not simply make demands of insurance companies for our clients – we file lawsuits and are always prepared and willing to take every case to trial.

Next: Help Your Attorney Gather Evidence

As needed, we get expert witnesses involved in our investigation and discovery: traffic engineers, accident reconstruction experts, truck driving experts, biomechanical engineers and so on. Experts such as these can help answer questions like, “How did this crash happen?” and “How could it have been prevented?”

We also order medical records, evaluate injuries and assess future care needs. In the case of a catastrophic injury, we will consult with a life care planner and an economist to determine future damages and a fair settlement or verdict value for a case. Health care professionals can help answer questions such as, “What is the client’s prognosis?” and “What treatments, therapies, accommodations and assistance will be needed in the future?”

We interview witnesses, including family members or close friends who knew the person before the fall injury or car accident and can describe the personal losses that have accompanied the physical injuries.

Then: Your Lawyer Will Help You Prepare For Mediation, Settlement Conferences and Trial

All evidence and documentation used in analysis will be ready to present to a claims adjuster, mediator, judge or jury. Once we file a lawsuit, we are prepared to engage in vigorous litigation on behalf of our clients. We file lawsuits when we are ready to fight effectively for their rights to fair compensation. Sometimes, defendants and their insurance companies make good settlement offers during mediation. We offer our best advice and recommendations to our clients, but ultimately it is each client’s decision to accept an offer or go to trial.

Finally: Get Advice On How to Manage a Settlement Well

When a settlement offer is made, we offer recommendations to clients who want advice on how to manage the funds. Our recommendations include referring clients to high quality, experienced financial advisers. We are also careful to make sure that there are no surprise outstanding medical liens or future liabilities. We want our clients to leave the settlement process knowing that all costs of a case have been paid, including medical liens.

Contact The Geneva Personal Injury Lawyers of Konicek & Dillon, P.C.

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