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Nursing homes can be held accountable for nursing negligence

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect

As people grow older, their ability to take care of themselves deteriorates. In Kane County, Illinois, local residents may begin to look for nursing homes when they can no longer care for their elderly loved ones. Nursing homes have staff that ensure the overall well-being of residents, including medication and proper hygiene. But, there have been cases of nursing home residents who were deprived of their needs. There are also cases of residents who suffered maltreatment, such as physical abuse inside nursing homes.

One area of focus of Konicek & Dillon PC is nursing home neglect. We believe that all elderly individuals deserve the care they need when they are living in nursing homes. Readers who suspect that their elderly loved ones are suffering from abuse should look for signs or evidence that can be used to file a lawsuit against responsible parties. For example, if someone’s elderly loved ones have bedsores, this can mean that the nursing home staff is failing to properly monitor the condition of their residents. Relatives should also check to see if their elderly loved ones have bruises or broken bones, which are signs of physical abuse. If they have witnessed any signs of neglect, it is imperative to report these incidents to the nursing home management.

Another viable option for those who have loved ones who have suffered from neglect in nursing homes is filing a legal claim. When people with similar concerns discuss their cases with us, we consider several factors such as the severity of the injury sustained and if the injuries sustained resulted from abuse or neglect. We also investigate the case in order to determine if the claims are true and to collate substantial evidence for the claim.

Our goal is to help victims receive compensation if they have been subjected to nursing home neglect. By filing a lawsuit, potential plaintiffs can prevent similar cases from happening in the future. Readers who have questions pertaining to similar issues may visit our website. They may also read blogs and other information there as well.

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