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Bartlett woman faces multiple charges after hitting motorcyclist

One major cause of traffic accidents is drunken driving. The majority of Illinois residents understand that they cannot consumer alcohol and then drive because the drug impairs their driving abilities. Anyone who plans to consume alcohol away from home, should assign a designated driver or take a taxicab home. Unfortunately, some people still drive while intoxicated, which means they compromise other people's safety and increase the chances of an accident.

Another tragic reminder of the dangers of truck driver fatigue

Considering the nature and demand of their work in the business and commercial industries, truckers put in a lot of hours each week. And while every driver in Kane County, Illinois, probably understands that driving without adequate sleep can affect their attentiveness and decision-making while driving, this fact also applies to truckers. Unfortunately, however, when truck drivers are fatigued their risk of causing a truck accident may be greater.

Car accident kills one woman and injures six others

Residents of Kane, Illinois, are well aware of how devastating car accidents can be. Some of those accidents are caused by extreme weather conditions or by a driver's negligence. Drivers who disobey traffic rules, drive while impaired or drive recklessly are considered negligent drivers. Such drivers, if involved in a collision, can be held liable for the damaged properties and the medical expenses of the victim. Negligent drivers can also be cited and face criminal charges.

Drunk driving accident on interstate turns fatal

Drinking an alcoholic beverage and getting behind the wheel is always a recipe for disaster. However, drivers continue to practice this dangerous behavior and can be held criminally responsible if they cause an accident and injure other people while operating a vehicle. A female driver who recently caused a fatal drunk driving accident is facing the consequences of negligent actions.

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