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La Salle County highway collision sends four people to hospitals

Traffic regulations are meant to ensure the safety of all motorists and other people on the nation's roadways. Although most drivers follow these rules, some do not. When drivers fail to obey even the simplest of these rules, such as yielding the right of way and obeying posted speed limits, the results are often catastrophic. An auto accident can both change and end lives in just a fraction of a second.

Who is considered a hardcore drunk driver?

Drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States. Many drivers continue to operate their vehicles after they have consumed alcohol. Consuming even one glass of wine before driving can affect the driver's alertness, making that driver susceptible to irrational decisions on the road. Consuming more alcohol can make the driver much more susceptible to driving errors. Those drivers who drive with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.15 percent or above are known as hardcore drunk drivers, and they pose a serious threat to other people's safety.

CDC says distracted driving a leading cause of vehicle accidents

With car accidents so common in Illinois and elsewhere in the United States, government officials and agencies that are responsible for preventing them whenever possible continually examine data from around the country to determine their main causes. For decades the primary causes were known to be drunk driving, failure to observe traffic regulations and sleep deprivation. However, in the past two decades distracted driving has become extremely common and is now considered a leading cause of all car accidents. Among the most common distracted driving behaviors are the use of cellphones and smartphones to send and receive voice and text messages.

Nursing homes can be held accountable for nursing negligence

As people grow older, their ability to take care of themselves deteriorates. In Kane County, Illinois, local residents may begin to look for nursing homes when they can no longer care for their elderly loved ones. Nursing homes have staff that ensure the overall well-being of residents, including medication and proper hygiene. But, there have been cases of nursing home residents who were deprived of their needs. There are also cases of residents who suffered maltreatment, such as physical abuse inside nursing homes.

Driver allegedly kills pedestrian in Tazewell County

As in every other state, car accidents are common in Illinois. Most accidents are minor and cause minimal damage and injuries. Single-car accidents are generally not reported unless someone is seriously injured or dies. If a peron is killed due to another's negligence, then the family of the person killed may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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