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How much can be recovered from a wrongful death claim?

It's never easy to lose a loved one. The deep-seated pain can linger for a significant period of time, and surviving family members can find themselves wondering why this happened to them and their loved one. Though many of these families wish time could stop to give them time to grieve, the sad reality is that the world will continue to operate at its normal speed. Therefore, many surviving families find themselves confronting significant bills during their time of grieving, and these medical expenses, funeral costs, and other expenses can be difficult to handle without the lost loved one's wages.

How can Illinois residents be informed of nursing home neglect?

The nursing home industry is sprawling and profitable, and for good reason. These institutions provide a service without which many Illinois residents would have a difficult time caring for their elderly loved ones while maintaining their employment and income. Though many of our state's nursing home facilities live up to their duties and provide proper care to their residents, others fail to do so. With about 1,200 nursing homes across the state, choosing the right one for an elderly loved one is imperative.

Boy killed in tragic Chicago-area truck accident

It's summer time and with the sunny warm weather comes more outdoor activities. Kids home from school will ride their bikes and play basketball, while others may go on picnics or walks. One thing that probably isn't on these individuals' minds, though, is truck accidents. Yet, for one Chicago-area family, the devastating dangers posed by these massive vehicles recently became all too real.

Vicarious liability and wrongful death

Whether we want to think about it or not, the threat of injury from another person's negligence is always present. When we drive, work, and seek out medical treatment, there is always the chance that negligence can occur. Sometimes negligent acts result in death. For the victims' surviving family members, this can be heartbreaking, enraging and financially devastating. One way to seek justice and recover compensation is to file a wrongful death lawsuit. But what happens if the person sued cannot fully cover the damages they caused?

We fight for drunk driving accident victims in Illinois

Now that warmer weather has arrived in the Chicago area, many people find themselves enjoying the outdoors, planning barbeques and family gatherings, and taking to the road for vacations and quick getaways. As fun as this time of year can be, it can also be fatal. As alcohol pours for those enjoying these get-togethers and holidays, far too many choose to climb behind the wheel after they have become intoxicated.

Truck inspections and suing trucking companies

When Chicago-area residents think about semi-truck accidents, they might conjure images of sleepy truckers who struggle to maintain their lane or run a stop light. Or they might think of an intoxicated or distracted trucker who fails to obey the speed limit, thus rendering him or her unable to stop before colliding with the vehicle in front of him or her. While these types of wrecks happen far too often in Illinois and across the country, they are not the only reasons for truck accidents. This is critical, as those who have been injured in a truck accident may be able to broaden a lawsuit if it can be found that the negligence of additional parties contributed to the accident.

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