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What is considered when awarding wrongful death compensation?

When tragedy strikes, and a family in Illinois loses a loved one due to the negligent actions of another, a serious amount of emotional turmoil can ensue. Oftentimes, surviving family members struggle to cope with the loss. After all, they will never again be able to spend time with their loved one, speak with them, hear them laugh or celebrate birthdays and holidays with them. These losses alone are enough to leave a surviving family member with grief, sadness and depression. Amidst all this pain and suffering, though, a surviving family may be forced to find a way to deal with the unexpected financial consequences of their loved one's death.

Self-driving trucks and liability

Over recent years, developments in technology have brought self-driving vehicles out of the world of science fiction and onto the highways. Large companies like Google, Volvo, and BMW have already announced that they plan to have autonomous vehicles on the market within the next decade. Companies like the ridesharing service Uber are already working to implement the technology in their vehicles, including their self-driving trucks that are on the road, doing important work.

Chicago-area firm holding negligent nursing homes accountable

Some individuals who have been placed in a nursing home may find it tough enough to get by. Their day-to-day lives may drastically change upon moving in, and contact with their family members may be reduced. While these changes can certainly be disheartening, they are not the only difficulties nursing home residents may face. Far too often, unsuspecting and helpless residents are neglected and abused by nursing homes and their employees. Those who suffer injuries as a result may have exceptional physical, emotional and financial pain and suffering with which to contend.

Showing regulation violations may help nursing home neglect claim

Many Illinois residents are surprised to hear that the institution where their elderly loved ones reside, or perhaps their own family member, is the subject of a nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse investigation. While regulators may interview nursing home staff and residents and work to gather evidence to see if regulations have been violated, their focus is on ensuring the safety of residents moving forward. Any sanctions imposed on a nursing home by the state will do nothing to compensate a nursing home neglect victim for his or her injuries.

Fast moving trucks pose significant dangers on the road

Semi-truck drivers have federal and state regulations and laws to follow and it takes knowledgeable attorneys to help you sort through the red-tape involved in these cases. Additionally, often the driver of a semi-truck works for some other party, so the liability may settle on different defendants.

Lawsuit filed after fatal Chicago-area truck accident

There are many motorcyclists in the Chicago area. Although the weather is starting to turn colder and the number of bike riding days remaining in the year is quickly dwindling, there is still some time to enjoy the sense of freedom motorcycling can provide. Despite the fun riding a motorcycle can give, it can also be extremely dangerous even when done in the safest way possible. This is because negligent motorists abound, and it only takes a split second for them to make a mistake and cause a tragedy.

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