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What are medication errors and how do I prevent them?

If you or your elderly loved one are in a nursing home, then you may struggle with the idea of full-time care being provided by a complete stranger. Fortunately, administrative rules and laws regulate how these health care professionals act in an attempt to ensure nursing home resident safety. But, as this blog has discussed in the past, these measures are not failsafe. Far too many Illinois residents are subjected to nursing home neglect, and they suffer as a result.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after fatal Chicago bike accident

Not too long ago, Chicago saw the implementation of a bike sharing program, allowing individuals to utilize community bikes to travel and recreate. Though this can be beneficial for many, the sad fact remains that motorists tend not to give bicyclists the right to share the road that all bicyclists deserve. When a bike travels on the road, its rider has the right of way. This means that vehicles sharing a lane with a bike should yield to the bicyclist before making a right turn.

Differential diagnosis should help prevent wrongful death

Many Illinois residents find going to the doctor to be a stressful experience. An individual might be concerned about what the doctor will find, what the treatment will entail, and whether surgery may be necessary. Fortunately, most doctors are well-trained professionals who have a strong foundation of knowledge on which to build their medical opinions. However, not all medical professionals perform their duties in a competent fashion, which could lead to negative consequences for patients, including death.

Chicago-area attorneys standing up to truck companies

Although semi trucks play an important role in our society, they also pose significant risks. To keep truck drivers and other motorists safe, truckers and truck companies need to be active in training and maintenance. For example, last week we discussed tire maintenance and how improper tire maintenance can leave a big rig unstable. Those who are injured by a negligently maintained or driven truck can face a devastating aftermath. Medical expenses can be insurmountable, lost wages can destroy an individual's financial well-being, and one's physical and emotional pain and suffering can leave one depressed and overwhelmed.

Poor tire maintenance can cause an 18-wheeler accident

As this blog has discussed on numerous occasions, semi trucks can pose a serious risk to other motorists, particularly when they are driven or maintained negligently. Those who are injured in a truck accident may be able to recover compensation, but in order to do so, they must prove the trucker and/or the truck company was negligent, and that this negligence caused the accident and the victim's injuries. One way to prove negligence is to show that federal trucking regulations have been violated.

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