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January 2014 Archives

Illinois state trooper injured when driver fails to move over

Some Illinois residents may be unaware of the statewide "move over" law, which requires drivers to give clearance to authorized emergency vehicles, such as police cars, that are stopped on the side of the road. Motorists' failure to follow this law too often puts police officers, emergency responders and stranded motorists at risk of serious injury.

Bad weather cited in fatal Illinois car accident

An accident in Illinois claimed the lives of two young people and left another one injured. The wreck likely was caused in part due to poor weather and slick road conditions -- an all-too-familiar sight for residents in Illinois, the Midwest and the Northeast this winter (and, really, any winter).

Protect yourself and others: clear off the whole windshield

Imagine that after you parked your car under a tree, for some odd reason a tremendous amount of tree sap spilled all over your windshield. We're talking gallons and gallons of tree sap, and the sticky substance ocvers your window, hardens, and makes it nigh-impossible to see out of your car. If this bizarre scenario were to afflict you and your car, you would clean off the entire windshield. You would not clear out a small foot-by-foot chunk of the winshield so that you could see out of it, and then hope the rest of the sap fell off because of natural processes, right?

Drunk driver injures 2 after slamming into rear of another car

We've been driving cars in this country for more than 100 years, and during that time we've made some truly amazing strides in the automotive industry. We went from crankshaft vehicles to self driving cars; from no airbags to airbags everywhere; and from blind spots galore to rearview cameras. Relatively speaking, it really didn't take that long for us to go from our first automobile to futuristic super cars.

Head-on collision in Illinois injures several, kills 1

An Illinois car crash killed one person and injured several others. The recent car accident is under investigation, and very little is known at this time. However, the two vehicles collided head on, suggesting that one of them crossed the center line or that they struck each other amidst an attempted turn.

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