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Field sobriety test results may help impose liability

This time of year, many Illinois residents partake in alcoholic beverages, often as part of a social gathering. Although this can be done responsibly, some in the Chicago-area, and throughout Illinois, choose to drive after drinking. These individuals may think that they aren't intoxicated, or they might erroneously think that drinking makes them a better driver because they are more attentive, but this is far from the truth. The fact remains that these drunk drivers can cause devastating accidents that leave victims with extensive damages.

Mandated sleep apnea screenings could save lives.

If you have been following our blog, you are familiar with the hazards big rigs present to others riding in passenger vehicles throughout the Chicagoland area. Earlier in December, we discussed federal regulations that require the submission of daily vehicle reports. When trucks are inspected upon the completion of a shift, the proper maintenance and motorist safety are promoted. While mandating regular reviews of semi-trucks will not completely erase the chance for a truck collision with an automobile, it will limit the opportunity for defective trucks to hit the road.

Driver vehicle inspection reports may prevent truck accidents

It is well known that semi-trucks can cause serious, even fatal, accidents. In an attempt to curtail these devastating wrecks, the federal government has implemented strict federal regulations, which truckers and the truck companies for which they work must adhere to. The failure to abide by these regulations can place a significant number of motorists in harm's way, but the sad truth is that far too many truckers and truck companies try to cut corners to save time and money.

Chicago firm competently handling wrongful death claims

Death is a part of life, but an unexpected and preventable death is intolerable. Sadly, once a loved one is lost there is nothing that can be done to bring him or her back. Surviving family members may find it hard to go on without the comfort of their loved one's presence, but time will continue to move forward and life will go on. This means that bills will need to be paid. Those in Illinois who have lost a loved one and the wages that he or she earned may find it difficult to make ends meet.

New report highlights abuse and neglect in Illinois group homes

Our state's most vulnerable citizens need to be protected. For many Illinois families, placing their beloved elderly and disabled family members in nursing homes and group homes is their best option. These institutions, which are regulated by the state, carry the burden of having to provide safe and adequate care to their residents. Unfortunately, though, a new report has found that many of these homes, and the state, have been covering up disturbing instances of abuse and neglect.

Chicago medical malpractice lawsuit results in large award

Compared to just 20 years ago, medical treatment has improved by leaps and bounds. Thanks to advanced medical technology, new medical research and more knowledgeable medical professionals, many patients are able to effectively treat and, in some instances, cure their medical conditions. Yet, as we have discussed on this blog before, much of this success is dependent upon a doctor's ability to accurately and timely diagnose a medical condition. Although an early step, a proper diagnosis can make all the difference in an individual's life.

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