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March 2015 Archives

What are the dangers of distracted driving?

Car accidents can occur in a blink of an eye but change the lives of victims forever. Distracted driving, unfortunately, leads to car accidents each year. Over 3,300 victims were killed in both 2011 and 2012 in distraction-related car crashes and 421,000 victims were injured in distraction-related car crashes in 2012. Car accidents can leave victims with medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages or worse.

Chicago mother and children hit and killed by truck

Commercial truck drivers are regularly reminded by law enforcement authorities across the country, including Illinois, to be aware of other vehicles and people around them at all times because most of these large vehicles have blind spots. This task is particularly important whenever pedestrians are nearby.

How does dram shop liability play out in DUI accidents?

Illinois residents are very familiar with the impacts of drunk driving. While thousands of people die as a result of drunk driving, the efforts of the government and the state in reducing DUI-related crashes are also expanding. In fact, following a drunk driving crash, drunk drivers are not necessarily the only ones liable for the damages. There are cases in which bars and the people who serve drunk drivers alcohol are subject to civil liability as well. This is due to the dram shop law.

Illinois family files wrongful death lawsuit for misdiagnosis

The brain is like the engine that operates the body. For that reason, any head injury should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, one Illinois medical facility allegedly failed to detect the bleeding inside a man's brain and the consequences were tragic.

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