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Did you know that June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness day?

Despite the health status of an individual and advances in medical technology, as people age over time both their physical and mental health may decline. As a result, older people are more likely to be exploited and may be neglected or abused at the hands of their caretakers and caregivers.

Do drivers have to submit to BAC testing in car accidents?

Following a car accident involving injuries or death, a police investigation will follow to determine the cause of the accident. Although not all car accident are drunk driving accidents, by virtue of being in a vehicular accident authorities have the probable cause to look into what traffic laws were violated and investigate the cause.

Medical malpractice and physician-patient privilege

A physician in Illinois is prohibited by law from divulging any information the doctor may have on a patient while attending to their healthcare needs and when providing the necessary medical care. This prohibition against disclosing confidential patient information is referred to as the physician-patient privilege. However, one may wonder as to what happens to this physician-patient privilege in cases of medical malpractice against the physician.

Who is a mandated reporter for nursing home neglect?

When an adult or vulnerable person in a nursing home is mistreated, neglected or financial exploited, they are by definition suffering adult abuse. Mandated reporters are required under the law to report any suspected adult abuse. However, it is important to keep in mind that in the interest of public health, safety and the well-being of vulnerable adults, anyone regardless of whether they are a mandated reporter or not, is encouraged to report adult abuse when they suspect it is happening. Regardless of who reports it, the matter will be handled the same way.

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