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Truck accident attorneys focus on the victim’s best interests

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Throughout the country, including Illinois, only trained professionals are legally allowed to operate large commercial vehicles such as trucks. Professional truck drivers are required to follow all federal and state trucking regulations to ensure that they drive safely. Unfortunately, not every truck driver follows these regulations, and when they do not they frequently put other people’s lives at risk. When a truck strikes another vehicle on the road the results are often catastrophic because small vehicles such as passenger cars are no match for the size and weight of these vehicles, and people can easily be injured or killed.

The attorneys at our firm have handled many cases in which injured parties are left wondering what to do next. Fighting trucking companies can be intimidating, leading many truck accident victims to accept settlements because they believe the compensation offered is all they can get and they hope it is enough to cover all of their losses. When we handle such claims, we take the time needed to identify all of the injuries suffered by victims and determine the most appropriate medical treatment. We also go to the scene of a crash to preserve evidence that can be used in filing personal injury claims.

When insurance companies investigate the crash, they often overlook or discount evidence that can increase the amount of compensation they must pay. Our expertise in handling such claims allows us to collect evidence that will hopefully substantiate every claim. Because a victim’s best interests are our priority, we strive to get our clients the compensation they deserve. Truck accident victims may want to visit our website to learn more.

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