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Are you prepared to settle your truck accident claim?

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If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, then you’re probably looking for the best way to find accountability and recover the compensation that you need to get back on your feet. That’s easier said than done, of course, especially considering the fact that you’ll have to go up against aggressive truck companies and their insurance companies.

Most truck accident cases result in settlement, too, which means that you should be prepared to appropriately analyze any offer that’s made in your direction. When conducting this analysis, you need to be diligent to ensure that you’re not short-changing yourself out of a desire to get your legal matters out of the way quickly. After all, the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit can set the stage for your finances for years or even decades to come.

How do you approach a truck accident settlement offer?

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re dealing with a personal injury claim, especially when you’re trying to figure out the appropriateness of a settlement offer. Before deciding to accept or reject an offer, you might want to carefully think through each of the following issues:

  • The economic value of your claim: Your first step in analyzing a settlement offer is to calculate the full extent of your damages. Sure, this includes the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages that you’ve already incurred, but it also means assessing what your economic losses will be like well into the future. How much medical care will you need in the months or years ahead? What about rehabilitation services? Are you going to miss a significant amount of work in the time to come? These are important questions that you need to answer.
  • The non-economic value of your claim: Of course, your losses are more wide-ranging than just medical bills and missed work. Your entire life has probably been reshaped by your accident injuries, and you’ve probably dealt with extensive physical and emotional pain and suffering. These damages are recoverable in your case, too. Although it’s hard to put a number on these damages, your attorney might be able to give you a good idea of where your claim stands here.
  • The evidence supporting your case: By looking at the evidence, you should be able to tell if you have a strong case. If your claim is backed by powerful evidence, then there might be little risk to going forward with trial. On the other hand, if your evidence is weak, then a settlement offer might be your best bet, especially if you’re risk averse.
  • Evidence of contributory fault: In considering your settlement offer, you’ll also want to anticipate evidence that the defense will put forth that may show that you were partially at fault. This evidence could significantly reduce your judgment, even if you win your case, and it may even be so compelling that you’re barred from recovering altogether.
  • How quickly you want to move on: Litigation can be time-consuming and stressful. It can certainly be worth it, but you also have to ask yourself how quickly you want to get on with your recovery. If you need money fast, then a settlement might be best for you. If you can wait, though, and the evidence is on your side, then going to trial might be the better option.

Seek out the aggressive representation you deserve

Confronting aggressive truck companies and their insurance companies can be challenging, especially at a time when you’re just trying to recover from your injuries and get back to your normal life as much as possible. That’s why skilled law firms like ours stand ready to help you fight for the outcome that you deserve. If you’d like to learn more about how we do that, then please consider researching our firm further.


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