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Common distractions that lead to trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2022 | blog, Truck Accidents

Truck drivers go through rigorous training in order to travel the roads safely. Even with this training, miles and miles of travel can wear on a trucker and increase the risk of an accident.

Distractions are a leading cause of accidents on the road, and for truck drivers, any accident could lead to severe injury or death. Preventing distractions is one way to keep yourself safe when on the road.

Device usage

Like any other driver on the road, truckers use devices to stay connected with family and friends while traveling the roads. Tablets, laptops and cellphones are just a few of the devices commonly used to keep in touch during long hauls, but operating these while the truck is in motion is a serious danger. Changing music on a playlist, answering a text message or playing a movie are all distractions that can lead to accidents.

Given the weight, speed and size of a tractor-trailer, the damage done from a minor collision could be severe. It is also more difficult to maintain control of a truck that size more quickly.

Eating and drinking

Spending hours on the road can lead to extreme hunger or thirst. Truck drivers who snack while operating their trucks are engaging in distracted driving, increasing the potential for an accident. It does not matter if there is still one hand on the wheel. Response times become slower when distracted driving takes place.

Many carriers have policies that prohibit using devices or eating while the truck is in motion. These safeguards are to help eliminate the distractions that could cost lives.

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