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We Hold Homes Accountable For Wrongful Death

If your mother, father, husband, wife, grandparent or adult child died unexpectedly and without explanation while living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, do not expect to hear “We’re sorry” from managers. Instead, you are likely to hear excuses and evasive responses to your questions. If you suspect something wrong happened and your loved one’s death was not natural, there is a good chance that neglect or abuse did occur.

You are doing a valuable thing for your whole family by looking for an experienced lawyer to help sort out what happened. Your family may be eligible for compensation for expenses such as funeral and burial costs. You may also be compensated for grief or emotional pain, including the loss of your loved one and your own distress over that loss.

Konicek & Dillon, based in Geneva and Chicago, helps many Illinois families get the answers and help they seek after unexplained deaths or clearly proven wrongful deaths in long-term care facilities. We have the knowledge and experience needed to address critical questions such as:

  • Did your loved one choke because he or she was insufficiently supervised at mealtime? (Was he or she given a different type of meal than what was prescribed such as soft or pureed food?)
  • Did he or she fall and break a hip or suffer a head injury — ultimately leading to an untimely death shortly thereafter — because of being improperly monitored or assisted? (For example, did a caregiver fail to use a transfer or gait belt as ordered by managers?)
  • Did a fatal infection originate from bedsores that should have been prevented and/or promptly treated?
  • Did a pedestrian accident occur because a resident with dementia was not properly placed with the level of supervision that could have prevented elopement?
  • Was your loved one given unnecessary medications or not given an essential medication?

After A Suspicious Death In A Long-Term Care Facility, Contact The Geneva and Chicago Lawyers of Konicek & Dillon, P.C.

When family members suspect wrongful death or unexplained death, it is time to take action to get answers. For a free consultation with an attorney about a wrongful death or unexplained death, call our nursing home neglect law firm at 630-313-2071. In Chicago, call 630-313-2071 or contact us online.