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What To Do About Injuries From Falls

Falling is one of the main threats to the safety of nursing home residents. As seniors grow older, medications, weakening muscles and other health issues increase the likelihood of a fall. Deteriorating bone density makes serious fractures from a fall more likely. Mortality rates within six-12 months of a fracture are alarmingly high.

Nursing home falls can cause serious injuries and fatalities. Nursing homes know the risk that falls present for their senior residents. They must provide care to reduce the risk of falling. Nursing homes are also required to take steps to reduce the risk and severity of injury if a fall occurs. When nursing homes fail, either because of understaffing or failing to provide adequate care, the nursing home owners and operators must accountable for the harm they caused.

Action Plan

  1. Ask the nursing home what precautions they are taking to reduce the chances of your loved one falling.
  2. If you are the resident or resident’s power of attorney or representative, ask to see the nursing home’s chart.
  3. Remind your loved one not to get up alone if they need assistance for their safety.
  4. Make sure that the nursing home is actually using methods that can prevent falls (like toileting programs assisting your loved one to the bathroom on a schedule).
  5. Call us if you are concerned that your loved one’s fall was preventable.

The first step in holding negligent nursing home owners and operators accountable is to secure the representation of an attorney who has experience building strong cases that hold such owners and operators responsible.

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