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Seniors Are More Susceptible To Burns

Common causes of burns in assisted living facilities and nursing homes include:

  • Food that is served too hot
  • Drinks, like coffee, tea and hot chocolate that are served too hot
  • Exposure to scalding water in a bath or shower
  • Use of microwave ovens, stovetops, coffee makers, hot pots, hair curlers or similar appliances by people with dementia or frailty
  • Contact with radiators or other heating devices
  • Accidental fires

The law firm of Konicek & Dillon is here to advise and help your family when a burn injury or the death of a loved one due to burns has been caused by nursing home negligence.

When Safety Standards Have Been Violated In Nursing Homes

Nursing homes must follow rules called life safety codes that spell out acceptable standards for water temperature for bathing. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes undergo inspections covering air and water temperatures and electrical code compliance. Management is responsible for correcting deficiencies uncovered during those inspections. When they fail to fulfill their responsibilities and residents are hurt as a result, they must be accountable for the harms.

Action Plan

  1. Look around your loved one’s room to spot potential risks and hazards, including sharp objects or corners, and heating elements.
  2. Report any hazards you see to facility staff and follow up to make sure they have removed the hazard.
  3. Report unfixed hazards to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  4. Call us if your loved one was harmed or suffered burns as a result of hazards or negligence in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Damages and Compensation After A Nursing Home Burn Injury

The burn victim, if he or she survives, will have medical bills and may need a higher level of care. A nursing home abuse and neglect claim or lawsuit can provide financial resources to cover these expenses. In the case of a fatality, family members rightfully want answers and explanations. Litigation allows family to get the answers and explanations they deserve.

If you or your loved one suffered a burn injury in a long-term care facility in Illinois, Konicek & Dillon can evaluate and handle your case. We have a track record of successful injury claims and lawsuits on behalf of people injured in nursing homes and elsewhere.

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