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Sexual Assaults: Violence and Dominance

One of the most unsettling types of harm that nursing home residents face is sexual assault.

Not all caregivers have the kind heart we think of when we imagine an attentive nurse or CNA. Similarly, not all nursing home residents and visitors are model citizens.

Yes, Nursing Homes Residents Can Be Victims of Sexual Assaults

Look For Signs of Sexual Abuse of A Nursing Home Resident

Recognizing and proving sexual assault of nursing home residents can be difficult, particularly when the victim has cognitive deficits, including dementia or delirium.

Signs of Sexual Assault In The Elderly

  1. Unusual bruising (not caused by anticoagulant use), especially in the inner thighs
  2. Scratches
  3. Vaginal bleeding
  4. Guarding behaviors
  5. Apprehensiveness and fear, especially when combined with statements indicating fear of a particular person

Action Plan

If You Suspect That Your Loved One Is A Victim of Sexual Assault In A Nursing Home:

  1. Call police immediately
  2. Get emergency medical help
  3. Comfort your loved one
  4. Contact the Illinois Department of Public Health to report the abuse
  5. Document/preserve evidence of sexual assault
  6. Demand that the nursing home conduct a thorough investigation
  7. Follow up with the police, IDPH and nursing home investigations
  8. Hire an attorney to advise you and your family

Too often the police and nursing home administration do not take allegations of sexual assaults seriously. They write the claim off as the product of a confused resident and as a sign of delirium. Do not let this happen to your loved one. Demand that the police and the nursing home administration take the allegation seriously.

Skilled Attorneys Dedicated To Helping You Protect Your Senior Loved Ones

At Konicek & Dillon, P.C., we know how to find evidence of sexual assaults. We aim to build strong cases that effectively pursue accountability and that can help prevent similar occurrences in the future. We have the skills and dedication to help you hold negligent nursing home owners and operators responsible for the harm your senior loved one suffered.

Contact Konicek & Dillon, P.C.: Geneva Attorneys Representing Nursing Home Sex Abuse Victims

If a senior loved one suffered a sexual assault in a nursing home, our skilled attorneys can help you create accountability and protect your loved one from further harm. We understand what is at stake. We care. We have the skills to find out what really happened and who should be held accountable. Our lawyers know how to take immediate action that will protect your loved one’s rights. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Geneva nursing home negligence attorneys, call 630-313-2071; in Chicago, call 630-313-2071. You can also contact us online.