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Nursing Home Abuse Stories

Television news programs and newspapers frequently carry shocking stories about abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Some residents have been left to lie in their own vomit or excrement for hours. Others have been sexually assaulted by staff, sometimes serially. Too many nursing home residents die because of the abusive treatment they receive or lack of proper care.

But individual nursing home abuse stories do not reveal the magnitude and depth of the problem. According to statistics cited by the National Center on Elder Abuse:

  • In one two-year period, nearly one in three nursing homes was cited for violations of federal standards regarding conditions that could harm residents.
  • In one study of nursing home residents, 44 percent of the sample reported that they had suffered abuse and 95 percent said they had been neglected or witnessed the neglect of other residents.
  • A study completed in 2010 showed that 50 percent of nursing home staff members admitted that they had physically abused, physically neglected or mentally abused residents in their care.

Care facility residents who suffer from dementia or who are developmentally disabled suffer abuse at significantly higher rates than other residents.

What Can You Do If Your Loved One Has Been Abused?

If you have noticed signs of abuse or neglect, you must take action. Call Konicek & Dillon, P.C., at 630-313-2071 or630-313-2071. One of our attorneys can tell you how to proceed. If necessary, we can take legal action on behalf of your loved one. You can also report the abuse to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Konicek & Dillon, P.C., is a law firm dedicated to improving conditions in nursing homes in Illinois and improving the quality of vulnerable people. By taking action on behalf of victims of abuse and neglect, we hold nursing home corporations and management accountable. Let us put our experience and advocacy skills to work for your loved one.

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