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We Help Your Loved Ones Suffering From Injuries

As baby boomers age, more and more Americans will live in nursing homes. The average life expectancy of Americans has increased considerably over the past few decades. Americans live longer, but not necessarily more active lives. Americans are increasingly dependent on caregivers for their twilight years, and the nursing home industry has grown dramatically as a result. Sadly, the number of accident and injury claims resulting from nursing home abuse, negligence and mistreatment of residents also has grown.

The personal injury attorneys of Konicek & Dillon, P.C., are committed to holding nursing home owners and operators accountable for failing to treat residents with the care and dignity they deserve in their senior years. Our Illinois nursing home negligence attorneys have extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations relating to nursing homes, including the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. Nursing home neglect and mistreatment can cause serious harm to residents, and a successful lawsuit is often the only way to make the abuse stop. We help victims and their families recover compensation for the abuses and the harm they suffer when nursing home staff and management fail to follow the rules and regulations that govern their industry. When a resident is injured or dies as a result of improper treatment, we seek damages the law permits to compensate the resident or family.

Click this link to see the government’s five-star nursing home ratings.

If a loved one suffered neglect or abuse at a nursing home or senior treatment center, please remember that he or she may not be able to stand up for his or her own rights. Contact the Illinois nursing home negligence lawyers at Konicek & Dillon, P.C., to schedule an opportunity to talk to us.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Claims

  • Neglected treatment and inadequate fall prevention
  • Physical abuse
  • Inappropriate medications
  • Undernourishment
  • Poor hygiene care, leading to illness
  • Nursing home physical injuries
  • Verbal and mental abuse
  • Resident falls
  • Improper, unsafe patient/resident transfers

Action Plan

If you believe that a nursing home is providing inadequate care or causing harm to you or a loved one:

  1. Document everything that occurs, including noting what you see, say, and hear: the nursing home staff are documenting, you should too. Don’t let their version be the only written version of events.
  2. Complain to the administrator, director of nursing, assistant director of nursing, and any other management or charge nurse who might have the ability to correct the problems you experience.
  3. Report the poor care, intentional bad acts, and neglect to the Illinois Department of Public Health. Be specific, detailed and complete.
  4. Call Konicek & Dillon, P.C., if you believe that you or a loved one has been injured due to nursing home negligence.

Contact the Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys of Konicek & Dillon, P.C., to schedule a cost-free consultation about your claim.