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Drunk driving accident on interstate turns fatal

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drinking an alcoholic beverage and getting behind the wheel is always a recipe for disaster. However, drivers continue to practice this dangerous behavior and can be held criminally responsible if they cause an accident and injure other people while operating a vehicle. A female driver who recently caused a fatal drunk driving accident is facing the consequences of negligent actions.

The accident happened south of Aurora County, Illinois when an 85-year-old man driving a pickup truck on the interstate was struck from behind by an alleged drunk driver. The impact of the rear-end collision caused the two vehicles to veer off the road. The truck driver was pronounced dead at a local hospital and the 32-year-old female driver, who was taken to the same hospital, is expected to remain there for an undetermined time frame. The woman was charged with failure to reduce speed to prevent an accident and driving under the influence, both criminal charges which will require a court appearance after her discharge from the hospital.

The incident demonstrates the danger drunk drivers pose to other motorists. Even if a motorist exercises due caution when driving, a drunk driver, whose reflexes and decision-making has been impaired by alcohol, can still cause an accident resulting in serious injuries and even death. Such negligent drivers, however, can be held criminally accountable by victims through legal action.

A personal injury lawsuit can be pursued by an Aurora County victim to make sure that a drunk driver is held liable for negligence. A victim can also seek a monetary award to help with medical costs, lost wages and other expenses. In a fatal accident, a victim’s loved ones can file a wrongful death lawsuit on a victim’s behalf.

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