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Nursing home resident-to-resident mistreatment harms the elderly

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes play an important role in the growing number of aging individuals in the United States. In Illinois, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are scattered across the state, providing care to many elderly people. Inside nursing homes, professional staff members take care of the overall well-being of residents who may participate in various activities and interact with other residents inside. Sadly, not all interactions are friendly as some nursing home residents are capable of inflicting harm to their fellow residents.

One recent study found that nursing home residents often experience abuse from their fellow residents. The study added that one in five residents experienced resident-to-resident mistreatment. These cases are underreported, because nursing home staff members may not be aware that these cases occur. Residents who are mobile and suffer from cognitive illness are likely to abuse other residents. Unexplained bruises and lacerations are some of the most common signs of such abuse.

Nursing home facilities can prevent such cases through adequate staffing. If they see any signs of resident-to-resident mistreatment, it is best to separate the aggressors from other residents in order to prevent abuse that often leads to serious injuries. Family members of residents, on the other hand, should remain vigilant every time they visit their loved ones. If their loved ones exhibit odd behaviors, it is best to speak to them in order to determine if they are suffering from abuse or mistreatment. They may also choose to speak with the nursing home staff, who can provide information on what occurred inside the facility.

Readers whose loved ones suffer from nursing home neglect may choose to file legal claims in order to hold responsible parties accountable. To learn more about these kinds of cases, readers may choose to solicit advice from a legal professional.

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