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Tips on selecting a nursing home in Illinois

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Nursing Home Neglect

When a loved one or elderly family member more care than family can provide, a decision may have to be made to move the loved one into a nursing home. A nursing home is place where an individual who does not need to be in a hospital but needs additional skilled medical care can go. There are different kinds of nursing homes and what is best for a loved one or elderly family member will depend on their needs.

Illinois residents may find the following tips from the National Institute on Aging helpful in selecting the right environment for a family member who needs additional care. Nursing homes typically fall into three categories: those that are like a hospital, those that are more like a household and those that are a combination of hospital and household environments.

In a hospital-like nursing home, medical care is provided by skilled medical staff and there is always a healthcare worker on each floor. The household-like nursing home tends to emulate a home environment. Which one is best for a loved one depends on the needs of the family member.

It is helpful to consult with the doctor to determine which environment will work best for an individual patient. One can also talk to social workers or other families who may be familiar with local facilities and what they offer. Once choices are narrowed down, calling the places and asking questions will give a sense of what they are all about. An on-site visit is very important.

Finding the right nursing home for a loved one is a very important decision. One should not hesitate to ask questions, and should read the language in the contract closely to understand what the home offers. Furthermore, one should make sure the facility is certified and subject to inspections and request to see the certification and inspection reports. If a family members suspects their loved is receiving negligent care, consulting with a personal injury law firm can be beneficial.

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