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Bridge work on I-24 has increased the incidence of car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2015 | Car Accidents

Annually, the state of Illinois invests in its transportation infrastructure to improve roadways and perform routine maintenance. Thus, more than likely, our Illinois residents are all too familiar with the term construction season. Though construction activity may cause inconveniences to drivers, it is a necessary activity and most of the time there is little a driver can do to avoid it.

Despite the frustration construction work may elicit in drivers, it is still important for drivers to obey all traffic laws, be attentive, and look out for special instructions that may be posted during the construction activity. In fact, the duty for drivers to follow all laws is even more crucial during these times since lane access may be reduced, and various vehicles may merge. Additionally, larger vehicles such as commercial trucks may need more room to maneuver.

Our Illinois residents may already be familiar with Interstate-24 bridge construction and the recent multi car accident on I-24. According to the McCracken County Sheriff’s department, at least four vehicles were in the recent accident and a total of 10 people were involved.

Police indicated that because the vehicles were travelling very close to each other, the accident resulted in a domino effect or chain reaction. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the accident. However, according to local law enforcement since construction work began on the bridge a few weeks ago, they have responded to at least 17 accidents.

Though the Illinois Department of Transportation has posted signs nearly four to five miles ahead of the construction activity in both directions forewarning drivers of the impending construction activity, it is still the responsibility of drivers to exercise caution and obey all posted signs in the construction zones to prevent and minimize accidents. Accidents can happen suddenly and can result in injuries.

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