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Drunk driver kill one, injures another in Chicago-area wreck

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving remains a prevalent problem across our country, state and city. Far too many Chicago-area residents make the decision to drink and drive, putting countless others at risk of being subjected to serious injuries and death. Those who are injured in a drunk driving accident can suffer significant damages stretching from the physical to the financial, and surviving families of those wrongfully killed in these wrecks can face additional struggles.

Two area residents and their families are dealing with this situation now after a recent drunk driving hit-and-run accident. According to reports, a 27-year-old man was driving red Jeep when he struck a man and a woman who were walking alongside the street. The driver then fled the scene. The female victim was pronounced dead at the hospital, and the male victim, though hospitalized, was in stable condition. The drunk driver was later located and is now facing multiple criminal charges.

The emotional toll of an accident like this can be devastating. Additionally, though, victims and their families can face significant financial challenges after the accident. Medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses if the victim died can all leave a victim and his or her family struggling with obstacles that can be difficult to overcome. Without help, these individuals may find it difficult to make ends meet, and may continue to feel like they were wronged without any repercussions.

One way to try to avoid such an outcome, though, is to pursue legal action. Those who have been injured by a drunk driver or lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident can seek to impose liability on the negligent driver who caused the accident. If one’s lawsuit succeeds, he or she may be able to find financial relief and focus on moving past the events that so drastically changed his or her life.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Man Charged With DUI, Reckless Homicide For Garfield Ridge Hit-And-Run,” May 3, 2016

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