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Lawsuit claims nursing home neglect caused death

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect

When Chicago-area residents place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home, they rightfully expect them to be adequately cared for. This means receiving proper nutrition, supervision, and medication management. Although nursing home professionals should be educated and trained on how to adequately carry out their duties, sometimes they are not. And even those who are trained and educated can be negligent in their duties, which can cause serious harm to elderly patients.

One family knows this all too well after an elderly woman died while in the care of a Cook County nursing home. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the elderly woman fell and suffered injuries at the nursing home. The lawsuit alleges that while she was recovering from those injuries, she developed pressure sores that contributed to, and perhaps even caused, her death. The lawsuit further alleges that the nursing home provided inadequate supervision and medical attention, and that employees failed to conduct a complete medical evaluation after the fall.

Far too many Illinois families have to cope with the significant damages that accompany nursing home neglect. Those affected by nursing home negligence can choose to take legal action. A successful lawsuit may lead to the recovery of compensation, and may serve as a strong deterrent to other nursing homes when they become lax on the care they provide. Those thinking about whether legal action is right for them in their situation may want to discuss the matter with a qualified attorney with experience in this area of practice.

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