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Chicago-area firm holding negligent nursing homes accountable

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect

Some individuals who have been placed in a nursing home may find it tough enough to get by. Their day-to-day lives may drastically change upon moving in, and contact with their family members may be reduced. While these changes can certainly be disheartening, they are not the only difficulties nursing home residents may face. Far too often, unsuspecting and helpless residents are neglected and abused by nursing homes and their employees. Those who suffer injuries as a result may have exceptional physical, emotional and financial pain and suffering with which to contend.

Although some nursing home residents may be able to protect themselves from terrible incidents such as medication error, failure to supervise and improper reporting when issues arise, they can find assistance to help them protect their rights in the legal arena. First, a competent attorney can help these victims determine what, exactly, caused their injuries and the likelihood that negligence played a part. Then, a skilled legal advocate will diligently work to create a legal strategy that fully supports the claim.

At Konicek & Dillon PC, our team of dedicated professionals have years of experience handling nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse cases. They know what judges and juries will look for when determining whether a victim’s injuries were caused by neglect or abuse and they also know the tactics defense attorneys will likely use to try to put the blame elsewhere.

In the end, filing a personal injury lawsuit is about recovering compensation and founding accountability. Our firm hones in on those issues with laser focus. Whether a client wants to settle a claim or take it to trial, we inform him of his legal options and his likelihood of success so that he can make the legal decision that is right for him and obtains the most compensation and accountability under the circumstances.

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