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Despite your efforts, you could still be a truck accident victim

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | blog

Like many Illinois residents, you may have a substantial fear of traveling the roadways alongside semi-trucks. These larger vehicles could do considerable damage to your vehicle or to you in the event that an accident takes place. Because of these potential outcomes, increased apprehension around semi-trucks often affects numerous travelers.

Because you certainly want to do your part when it comes to avoiding unnecessary risks when driving near tractor-trailers, you likely take precautions to remain safe. However, some potential errors on your part may not have crossed your mind, and therefore, you may wish to consider avoiding the following scenarios as well.

Passenger-vehicle driver mistakes

When driving a passenger vehicle around a semi-truck, you could potentially put yourself in a situation that could cause an accident. If you become aware of what actions could result in such a predicament, you may more easily avoid suffering harm. Some of these potential driving mistakes include:

  • Driving in truck drivers’ blind spots, typically beside or behind the trucks
  • Suddenly changing lanes in front of a truck
  • Failing to accommodate for merging trucks
  • Pulling into the path of a truck
  • Turning in front of a truck
  • Attempting to pass a truck without enough headway

Additionally, accidents could also take place simply because you or other travelers do not understand how semi-trucks perform. These large vehicles cannot accelerate or slow down as quickly as smaller vehicles, so certain maneuvers that may not cause issues around passenger vehicles could result in dangerous situations involving tractor-trailers. Additionally, truck drivers also tend to have far less visibility of their surroundings, which creates more blind spots.

Accidents will happen

Of course, even if you take these and other precautions, you could still experience an accident with a semi-truck due to errors on the part of the truck driver. Just like drivers of passenger vehicles, truck drivers also need to take precautions. If they do not, you could end up with catastrophic injuries due to a crash.

In the event that you have suffered serious injuries due to this type of incident, you may want to consider taking legal action. By filing a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault as well as the trucking company for which he or she works, you could pursue compensation for allowable damages. Gaining information on this legal option may help you determine whether it suits your circumstances.

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