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Driver vehicle inspection reports may prevent truck accidents

It is well known that semi-trucks can cause serious, even fatal, accidents. In an attempt to curtail these devastating wrecks, the federal government has implemented strict federal regulations, which truckers and the truck companies for which they work must adhere to. The failure to abide by these regulations can place a significant number of motorists in harm's way, but the sad truth is that far too many truckers and truck companies try to cut corners to save time and money.

Lawsuit filed after fatal Chicago-area truck accident

There are many motorcyclists in the Chicago area. Although the weather is starting to turn colder and the number of bike riding days remaining in the year is quickly dwindling, there is still some time to enjoy the sense of freedom motorcycling can provide. Despite the fun riding a motorcycle can give, it can also be extremely dangerous even when done in the safest way possible. This is because negligent motorists abound, and it only takes a split second for them to make a mistake and cause a tragedy.

What are hours of service as related to truck accidents?

If you get anxious when driving near semi-trucks, then you are in good company. Many Illinois motorists find themselves speeding up to pass big rigs and slowing down to avoid being boxed in by them. These defensive driving techniques have their advantages, but even the safest driver may be unable to protect himself from a negligent trucker. One of the most common ways that truckers are negligent is overworking themselves and thus driving while fatigued.

Chicago-area attorneys standing up to truck companies

Although semi trucks play an important role in our society, they also pose significant risks. To keep truck drivers and other motorists safe, truckers and truck companies need to be active in training and maintenance. For example, last week we discussed tire maintenance and how improper tire maintenance can leave a big rig unstable. Those who are injured by a negligently maintained or driven truck can face a devastating aftermath. Medical expenses can be insurmountable, lost wages can destroy an individual's financial well-being, and one's physical and emotional pain and suffering can leave one depressed and overwhelmed.

Poor tire maintenance can cause an 18-wheeler accident

As this blog has discussed on numerous occasions, semi trucks can pose a serious risk to other motorists, particularly when they are driven or maintained negligently. Those who are injured in a truck accident may be able to recover compensation, but in order to do so, they must prove the trucker and/or the truck company was negligent, and that this negligence caused the accident and the victim's injuries. One way to prove negligence is to show that federal trucking regulations have been violated.

Truck accidents are far too common across the U.S.

Semi truck crashes happen far too often in the Chicago area. Victims of these accidents can be seriously injured, and many die as a result of injuries suffered. Those who are fortunate enough to survive, and the family members of those who are killed, often have a difficult physical, emotional, and financial road ahead of them.

Boy killed in tragic Chicago-area truck accident

It's summer time and with the sunny warm weather comes more outdoor activities. Kids home from school will ride their bikes and play basketball, while others may go on picnics or walks. One thing that probably isn't on these individuals' minds, though, is truck accidents. Yet, for one Chicago-area family, the devastating dangers posed by these massive vehicles recently became all too real.

Truck inspections and suing trucking companies

When Chicago-area residents think about semi-truck accidents, they might conjure images of sleepy truckers who struggle to maintain their lane or run a stop light. Or they might think of an intoxicated or distracted trucker who fails to obey the speed limit, thus rendering him or her unable to stop before colliding with the vehicle in front of him or her. While these types of wrecks happen far too often in Illinois and across the country, they are not the only reasons for truck accidents. This is critical, as those who have been injured in a truck accident may be able to broaden a lawsuit if it can be found that the negligence of additional parties contributed to the accident.

Employer liability and truck accidents

Illinois residents who have been harmed in a truck accident have a lot on their mind. First of all, they may be concerned about recovering their health. Second, these victims might worry about how they are going to secure their finances. Medical expenses can soar, and being rendered unable to work can add to money woes. These problems, when taken together, can cause an enormous amount of stress and might leave an individual not knowing what to do.

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