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The dangers of truck accidents and how to avoid them

Due to their sheer size, truck accidents often lead to far more severe damages and injuries than traditional passenger vehicle accidents. Trucks can weigh up to 25 times more than a passenger car, and often carry hazardous or flammable material, making a bad situation even worse at times.

Chicago mother and children hit and killed by truck

Commercial truck drivers are regularly reminded by law enforcement authorities across the country, including Illinois, to be aware of other vehicles and people around them at all times because most of these large vehicles have blind spots. This task is particularly important whenever pedestrians are nearby.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

Commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailers and delivery vans are much larger than passenger vehicles on Illinois roads and highways because they are designed to transport a wide variety of products from raw materials to finished goods. As a result, these vehicles are heavy and massive and capable of creating incredible damage in the event of a crash. A single error on a truck driver's part can have devastating results. Smaller vehicles such as cars cannot withstand the impact of large trucks, which is why car occupants are often badly injured or killed in truck accidents.

Truck accident attorneys focus on the victim's best interests

Throughout the country, including Illinois, only trained professionals are legally allowed to operate large commercial vehicles such as trucks. Professional truck drivers are required to follow all federal and state trucking regulations to ensure that they drive safely. Unfortunately, not every truck driver follows these regulations, and when they do not they frequently put other people's lives at risk. When a truck strikes another vehicle on the road the results are often catastrophic because small vehicles such as passenger cars are no match for the size and weight of these vehicles, and people can easily be injured or killed.

Three main factors found to contribute to truck accidents

Commercial trucks are less likely to be involved in collisions than smaller vehicles like passenger cars, vans and pickup trucks. When truck accidents do occur, though, the results are often catastrophic. These large and heavy vehicles can easily destroy smaller vehicles in a crash, and drivers and passengers in these vehicles can be injured or killed while truck drivers often walk away unscathed or with only minor injuries.

We are experts in handling truck accidents

If you have seen the aftermath of a collision between a car and another passenger vehicle, you understand how catastrophic car accidents are. But when it comes to accidents involving trucks, the results are far more devastating. To better understand the destructive outcomes of truck accidents, Aurora residents need to understand that an average car only weighs 4,000 pounds while a fully loaded truck can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds. By considering the size and weight of a truck, a person can easily understand why trucks are capable of causing catastrophic injuries and fatalities in collisions.

A brief introduction on truck accidents

In Kane County, Illinois, and across the country, people are more likely familiar with car accidents as they are more common than truck accidents. However, truck accidents often lead to more catastrophic outcomes compared to common traffic accidents. By driving next to a big rig, a car driver can easily tell why a truck is capable of causing a catastrophe in the event of a collision.

Another tragic reminder of the dangers of truck driver fatigue

Considering the nature and demand of their work in the business and commercial industries, truckers put in a lot of hours each week. And while every driver in Kane County, Illinois, probably understands that driving without adequate sleep can affect their attentiveness and decision-making while driving, this fact also applies to truckers. Unfortunately, however, when truck drivers are fatigued their risk of causing a truck accident may be greater.

Feds ban Illinois truck company for repeated safety violations

Ben Franklin's adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is something the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) probably wishes someone had taken to heart a long time ago. The agency recently prohibited an Illinois truck company from continuing in business after citing it as an imminent danger to the public's safety following the death of a state toll worker and critical injuries to a state trooper.

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