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Car collision on crowded interstate results in death

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen in an instant; and in that instant, it may be the case that the accident will yield damaged property and catastrophic injuries for those involved. Car collisions can be caused by driver negligence, such as texting and driving, drunk driving and failure to comply with traffic rules and regulations. A driver in Illinois who is found negligent in the crash may face civil liabilities.

Recently such liabilities were experienced when one person died and another was injured as a result of a multi-vehicle accident on busy interstate in Illinois. Based on a report, an SUV struck the rear of a 50-year-old male’s car, resulting in a chain-reaction crash, which included two more cars. The force of the crash caused the SUV to turn over. According to Illinois State Police, the driver who was hit from behind died in the collision while the driver of the SUV sustained injuries that have been described as non-life threatening. All those involved in the crash, regardless of injury, were evaluated at a local hospital.

The events of this crash show how devastating a car accident is. For surviving family members of the deceased, accepting the unexpected death of a loved one might be easier if it was just a single-vehicle accident. With multiple car collisions, a possibility exists that one driver acted recklessly prior to the collision, and only the results of an investigation can determine if negligence was a contributing factor to the mishap.

Surviving family members of the victim may think of filing a legal complaint against the driver who initiated the crash. Before doing that, it is important to gather substantial evidence that can prove negligence of the accused. The family should also note that filing a legal complaint is easier when there is someone who can handle the entire case, prioritizing their best interest.

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