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La Salle County highway collision sends four people to hospitals

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Car Accidents

Traffic regulations are meant to ensure the safety of all motorists and other people on the nation’s roadways. Although most drivers follow these rules, some do not. When drivers fail to obey even the simplest of these rules, such as yielding the right of way and obeying posted speed limits, the results are often catastrophic. An auto accident can both change and end lives in just a fraction of a second.

In Streator recently, such violations seem to have resulted in a crash that sent four people to hospitals. According to the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department, a 22-year-old driver was turning west onto Richards Road from northbound Illinois Highway 23 when his vehicle was hit by a southbound car driven by a 24-year-old woman. A female passenger in the turning vehicle was seriously injured and taken to a Peoria hospital. Both drivers, as well as a passenger in the second car, were taken to a Streator hospital. The male driver was cited for failure to yield the right of way, and the female driver was cited for failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

Following any car collision, law enforcement authorities determine the relative liability of all parties involved. The results are included in police reports; discrepancies can be cleared up by the people involved if they speak with authorities. If authorities do not show up at the scene of a crash, the people involved should note how the accident occurred so insurance companies can use the information when offering settlements or compensation to any injured parties. The evidence can also be used in filing personal injury or wrongful death claims.

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