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Illinois traffic fatalities have surpassed last year’s numbers

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

Illinois residents should be interested to know that traffic crash fatalities have been on the rise this year when compared to last year. With a quarter of the year still left, road fatalities that were the result of car crash accidents have already surpassed last year’s total which was just over 550 traffic deaths. Sadly, Illlinois has already experienced a little over 600 traffic fatalities.

In light of this statistic, authorities have endeavored to raise awareness of the need for the motoring public to be astutely aware that distracted driving is a major cause of most traffic fatalities. It is important for the driver of a vehicle on the road to have as complete of a situational awareness as possible when they’re behind the wheel and the tires are turning.

It doesn’t matter how benign and unassuming an action may seem, whether it’s changing the radio station that’s playing on the vehicles entertainment system, eating in the car, talking on the phone or texting; an accident can occur in the blink of an eye, and all it takes is for an inattentive driver to glance away from the windshield momentarily at the right moment and lives can be lost forever, or serious injuries can result.

Last week’s blog talked about teen drivers and car accidents being a leading cause of fatalities among young drivers. In an effort to reduce accidents among teens, law enforcement is encouraging parents to set an example. The message that needs to be drilled into teen driver’s heads is that distracted driving can be detrimental. Thus, texting and driving is simply not worth the risk, and is in fact against the law. The stakes are just too high. Distracted driving is not limited to teens, but affects drivers of all ages and though texting while driving is against the law, many drivers indulge in the behavior routinely.

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