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Sound advocacy for drunk driving victims

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Car Accidents

It is a tragic reality that the holidays often see an increase in drunk driving and drunk driving accidents. Those who are hurt in these wrecks, like those discussed in last week’s post, are often left with significant losses from which it can be hard to recover. A crash might leave a victim with a permanent disability, long-term pain, disfigurement, unable to work, and drowning in medical debt. This can be completely overwhelming and leave a victim uncertain about his or her future.

If you have been injured in one of these accidents, then you should be active in assessing, and perhaps acting on, your legal rights. Should you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit and succeed, you could recover compensation to help cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This can provide financial stability and a solid foundation on which to build your future and your recovery.

As great as this may sound, the legal process is an adversarial one. This means that as much as you want to recover compensation, the other side just as badly wants to not pay you for your damages. It then comes down to which side has the most convincing argument. Therefore, if you want to sue a drunk driver who caused an accident that left you hurt, then you need to be prepared and aggressive in you legal arguments.

An experienced attorney can often help you develop a legal strategy and arguments to support it. Konicek & Dillon, for example, has experience thoroughly assessing each client’s case and analyzing it through the law’s lens. Then, based on the facts and how the law applies, our attorneys have developed theories of the cases and used evidence to support thm. Our firm is proud of its reputation and its previous track record of holding negligent drivers accountable, and we encourage those harmed in drunk driving accidents to think about what they can do to find the relief they deserve.

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